This blog was created to share, learn and just have fun with art. We'll try to have a topic to draw something for every month.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's the new Topic for December?

OK, turn out is dwindling...let's pick it up!  What topic should we do this month?

Topic ideas:
Christmas Goblin?
What would you folks like to draw?
It can just be a sketch...come on.


  1. Self portrait but dressed for the Holidays (santa, elf, reindeer, christmas sweater, x-mas tree, snowman etc..)

  2. How about Robo Christmas? Sorry, I'm in a Christmas mood. Any other ideas?

  3. OK, I'm thinking Robo Christmas...I think Robo Christmas could still work with Tony's idea. :) Any other ideas?

  4. I'm down for whatever! Let's get this thang going